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    UART Software detect to Buffer Issues


      Ive been using the NONE mode in the "RX address configuration" and have had no problems getting UART data by using a simple assignment function in the default RX ISR that is auto generated with the API as below:








      i=0; i<UART_1_RXBUFFERSIZE+1; i++){






      RxIn->ModbusRxBuffer[i] = UART_1_rxBuffer[i];










      Data is transferred to Data Structure without any problem.


      It is located around line 166 in the RX ISR


      However ive tried to use the addressing function and the data does not appear in the rxBuffer[]. I have a flag that shows the assignment function was cycled which means the interrupt was activated but there is no data in the buffer.


      I have my own API that does a good job however Im trying to better understand the cypress supplied API.




      Any Ideas why the data is not in the rxBuffer?