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    Major Problems with Software (and hardware?)  ADC Delta Sigma Reading Way Off




      I did some work on a circuit board to convert a load cell output (0-15mV) into a force that is transmitted to a PC.  The software worked fine, and then I lost it, and recreated it.  Now nothing seems to work.  There are a few things that stick out:


      -The load ADC does not read accurately at all, and bounces around a lot.  If I set it up as it is in the file, it reads off when given a 10mV signal.  It reads off about 40%, and bounces around.  If I set it up as a level shift buffer in order to maximize the resolution it actually reads negative.


      -There is an error by my first interrupt handler that I do not understand.


      -A lot of the 'smart completion' selections are missing entirely.  I try to type 'UART_PutString' and it never appears under the smart completion options.


      Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


      Thank you,