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    Questions about sync slavefifo application

      I have a board with EZ-USB FX3 device(CYUSB3014) and FPGA, connected to a USB3.0 host.I use a cypress sync slavefifo firmwave which at the path of EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\firmware\slavefifo_examples\slfifosync,configure GPIF II to work at 32bit,100MHz,io_cfg.isDQ32Bit is CyTrue,end point configure 16*1024,dma size is 16384.
      when I use the Control Center to receive data from bulk in endpoint,it can receive 16384 byte data.But,I use streamerExample to receive data,packets per xfer select 8,xfers to uqeue select 8,it receive 21 frames successfully when failures is 75 frames.
      what can i do to improve transfer speed?

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          I'm not sure why the SDK example is not working well for you.


          Maybe you can try out the AN example here: http://www.cypress.com/?rID=51581


          If neither works as expected, please create a support case and we will debug this further.

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            Thankyou for your help!


            I use the FX3 firmware which at the AN65974 example,don't change anything,build the "SlaveFifoSync" project,download the SlaveFifoSync.img into the ram of cyusb3014.The USB control center do not identify the usb device,(identify as "Cypress USB StreamerExample"  for a moment,the device lose,and so on)


            If i use SF_streamIN.img file in the debug document to download into the ram of cyusb3014,the USB control center can identify the "Cypress USB StreamerExample" device,and work perfectly.


            Can anyone tell me ,what happen? Help to solve the problem.


            the system of my pc is win7.

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              Do you test the example in USB 3.0 SuperSpeed mode? Does it work if you connect FX3 to host USB 2.0 port, i.e. use it in USB 2.0 mode?


              If it runs well in USB 2.0 mode but does not run in SuperSpeed mode (you notice USB errors, device disappearing, device re-enumeration, etc.), then this may be caused by USB 3.0 signals integrity issue (USB 3.0 signals are bad).