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    Programmable Digital Filter

      I am working on a small project that causes holiday lights to flash in time to user specifiable frequency bands of music. I have a working prototype that uses an ADC, a Filter Bank, a DAC, and comparators. But there is a problem.


      I can manually program the filter bank for any kind of response. I want the ability to configure it with a UART to allow user programmable frequency response and filter type. I do not think this is possible with the PSOC filter bank as there is no register for bandwidth, etc. It does not look like there is a register for the coefficients either.


      Another option is to use the CPU to run an IIR algorithm and an external application that computes the coefficients. The main drawback to this is the filter needs CPU time. I can make this work but I would prefer to do it with the filter bank.


      Any other options aside from using external IC chips?