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    Using double buffer for OUT EP.

       My EP2 configuration is


          - EP2 : Valid, Out, 1024Bytes, Double Buffered


      I write a program using DevceIOControl without using CyAPI.




      When I send out data equal to or less than 1024 bytes, it's simple.


      Because EP2 is 1024Byte, it can receive 1024bytes without any special program.


      Sending out 1024 bytes can be done by single DeviceIOControl command.




      Regarding to 'Double Buffer for EP2', 


      Q : Can I send 2048 bytes with single DeviceIOControl command ?


      Q:  If one-packet transfer for EP2 has 1024bytes limitation, I need to send two DeviceIOControl command for 2048bytes.


           In that case, how FX2LP firmware can access 2048 bytes ? The address for 2048 bytes are continuous ? 


      Q: Is there proper documents or example for double buffering OUT/IN ?

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          A)is it a BULK or ISOC endpoint?




          What is maximum packet size that you have mentioned in endpoint descriptor?




          You should not send the packet more than that is mentioned in the descriptor of the endpoint.




          If the endpoint maximum size is 1024(for ISOC) then you can send two packets of 1024.No need for you to specifiy the buffer address. Inside the buffer the data will be stored continuously.You can access the data by using EP2FIFOBUF.at a time you can access only 1024 data.Once the first packet is cleared from the buffer then only you can access the second packet.

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            It is BULK endpoint. 


            In descriptor, its size is 1024.




            To send 2048 bytes, I need to send 1024bytes twice like following. 


                    OUT : CDB


                    OUT : first 1024bytes data


                    IN     : CSW




                    OUT : CDB


                    OUT : second 1024bytes data


                    IN     : CSW

                Is there any way to send 2048 bytes like    

                    OUT : CDB


                    OUT : first 1024bytes data


                    OUT : second 1024bytes data


                    IN     : CSW

                Always thanks for your answers.