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    Notch filtr 50Hz



      I use application AN2284 to create notch filter 50Hz. In this app is C code


      IIR second-order notch filter:


      diff1 = (x + xn_2) <<16;
      y = ((diff1>>1)+(diff1>>2)+87301*(xn_1 - yn_1) -((yn_2<<16)>>1));
      xn_2 = xn_1;
      xn_1 = x;
      yn_2 = yn_1;
      yn_1 = y;


      I know IIR filters but I don't understand where it came from value 87301 ?


      I thought that the filter is formed from the coefficients. for example. b=-2*cos(2*PI*f)


      I would be grateful someone explain how it works.

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          I think what you are seeing is scaling so the filter is done with


          integers vs floating point which would eat up a lot of MIPS and


          code space. Note the M8C core has a fast MAC in it.







          Regards, Dana.