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    PSOC 4 IC programmer


       Is there a production programmer available for programming PSCO 4 ? (28 pin SOIC package).


      Or do we need to get our own ZIF socket and roll a PCB with the socket and interface to the SWD pins for programming?


      I do not require high volume, I simply want to avoid having to provide connector for programming on the target once installed into product.


      I was thinking maybe a 28 pin SOIC ZIF socket on a board with 3V regulator and 10 pin Box header to suit the Miniprog 3 and use Creator to program the ICs before I solder them onto the target PCB.



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          Take a look at this page near the bottom -














          Regards, Dana.

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            The cheapest solution would be the "Pioneer Hack" with a small board using your zif-socket. See picture near end of this thread:www.cypress.com/





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               I cannot see from that picture how you attach a ZIF socket for the 28 pin SOIC ?


              I would want the ZIF socket soldered to a PCB and held firmly in place to facilitate easy insertion and removal of the IC's.


              The picture shows a hedare dangling from some wires on the Pioneer board and I cannot identify te ZIF socket.

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                I looked at the couple of vendors from the list on that link who are listed for PSOC 4 and 5LP but on their site I can only see large programming equipment (about the size of a small freezer).


                Typically, these little programmers have a ZIF socket like attached pic, a Programmin header that Miniprog 3 will plug into and a 3V power supply.


                I can easily make one but wnated to check something wasn't available before I do.

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                  You could file a CASE with a link to this thread and see if


                  anyone in Cypress is aware of a simple finsihed low cost










                  To create a technical or issue case at Cypress -








                  “Technical Support”


                  “Create a Case”




                  You have to be registered on Cypress web site first.




                  Regards, Dana.

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                    Production programmers are full rigs like the beeprog2. What you want is a socket adapter for the miniprog.







                    The SSOP28 and SOIC28 from elnec work with the Beeprog2. The beeprog2+soic28 adapter will do just what you want but will set you back $1.3k.




                    I Don't know of any socket adapter made for the miniprog3 so I would guess you would have to make your own, btw you don't need a 3.3v regulator as the miniprog can provide the required voltages and you would be better off using PSOC Programmer instead of Creator to program the chips.




                    But unless you do really small runs, the whole process of taking the chip off the reel/tube, loading the socket, programming, taking it off, etc,etc will cost you a lot of time. If you don't mind leaving some pads on the pcb you could use pogo pins for in-system programming.




                    I use cables from http://www.tag-connect.com/ with a custom adapter (the no legs version is really small)







                    but a lot of guys make their own very cheaply 


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                      I can get the ZIF adaptor socket for aroud $60. Hoever, the Tag Connect adaptor looks pretty good. My product does not have height inside the enclosure for a programming header so just the pads and 3 locator holes might work.

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                        no space for the headers, that's exactly why i started using it. I use the leged version more often because it locks in the pcb and it makes for a more reliable connection the downside being it  takes more pcb space than the no legs version.




                        Also, they are available on digikey