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    Psoc Creator 3.1


      Hi every one ! Happy new years all of you !


      The good news for this years is we have got PSocC Creator  3.1.


      The bad news for me is that there is some issue with the instalation process.


      I have installed the new application and I have added the keil license.


      The Psoc Creator 3.0 has been open last time with one project.


      The new version open the worksapce with the same project.according the option I checked.


      The application ask me for update some components. I am following the correspondings steps  and finally appear a box announcing there is an unhandled  exception with the open project. It give me two drop down menu.


      One of them is "Details" the other one is " continue" .


      I agree with " continue" condition and after that I try to close the open workspace and that is not allowed for  the applicattion.


      I cannot move from there.


      I have uninstalled  and installed again the Psoc Creator 3.1 and the same thing hapens.


      I about to finish one project  and this is the annoying issue.


      May be someonbe can tellme how  work out this issue  or tell me how get PsoC Creator 3.0 up to finish my project.


      If not, I woul need to restore my computer back in time to recover PSocC Creator 3.0.




      Thank you  very much for any help.

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          The good news is: Creator 3.0 should be still installed on your computer. So you just have to put a link to the file on your desktop which has been removed during installation of 3.1 and you can work with it as usual. You'll have to "update" your components to some earlier versions, but that worked easily.


          The bad news is: I do not know how to help you further, I would suggest you to create a "MyCase" and tell them your OS-version.





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            Same thing happened to me, but I just forced the application closed, rebooted and reopened it (the Windows(R) solution) and now it works fine. Go figure.


            Wish there was a Linux version, where I might have some control.