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    Arduino as PSoC1 programmer

      Hello everyone,


      i took the code from AN44168  (http://www.cypress.com/?rID=2906) and changed it to work on the Arduino plattform.


      I wonder if it would be possible to provide this code to the community (via github for example). I think more people would use the PSoC platform, if they already have a programmer for it at home.


      Unfortunately the license seems to forbid this? Or am i wrong?


      Kind regards

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          This seems to indicate no license restrictions -




          The source code provided can be easily ported to any microntroller used as the host in the system. However, the application note does not describe the programming protocol. For details on programming protocol, please refer to the following documents:




          From the webpage for the ap note -










          Or contact author, his email address at beginning of ap note.




          Regards, Dana.

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            Hi Dana,


            thanks for your answer. I've been concerned about this part of the copyright notice found in the source files (see main.c for example)


            // Cypress hereby grants to licensee a personal,
            // non-exclusive, non-transferable license to copy, use, modify, create
            // derivative works of, and compile the Cypress Source Code and derivative
            // works for the sole purpose of creating custom software in support of
            // licensee product to be used only in conjunction with a Cypress integrated
            // circuit as specified in the applicable agreement. Any reproduction,
            // modification, translation, compilation, or representation of this
            // software except as specified above is prohibited without the express
            // written permission of Cypress.


            Especially the part "to be used only in conjunction with a Cypress integrated circuit".


            I'll try to contact the programmer.


            Kind regards