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       because I do not get the signal well. A square signal using an amplifier three INSAMP of cy8c29466-24pxi?

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          Is it the over shoot / under shoot you are concerned with ?




          It would help if you post the project and a schematic.




          I assume blue waveform is input, yellow is outpout ?








          Consider posting your project, makes life easier to troubleshoot.




          “File”                                                           Designer


          “Archive Project”




          Regards, Dana.

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            I'm trying to psoc 1 INSAMP to amplify with a square signal generated by a psoc 5 lp (CY8CKIT-050), but when the signal goes high peaks aparese in flank and low (yellow sign in the above scheme).

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              For starters in Global Properties you need to set Op_Amp_Bias and


              A_buff_power to high, upper lefthand window in chip view.




              But keep in mind your square wave demands wide band amplification


              to avoid leading and trailing edge transients on the squarewave. At your


              Gain the 3 db BW is only about 2.5 Khz, so if you wanted to keep the


              square wave "fidelity" at least the first 5 harmonics should be in the


              passband, that would mean your max squarewave frequency should be <


              ~ 400 Hz.




              Regards, Dana.