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    USB reading/writing 0 bytes



      I am using FX2 controller on a fpga board with CyUSB driver and trying to get data from the fpga using Visual C++2010.


      I did program the fpga with an application that came with that fpga board successfully using verilog HDL. Then using C++ I checked all configurations and endpoints and they looked correct. This is my code in short:


      I chose Interface[1] which showed 6 bulk end points. 


      CCyUSBDevice *USBDevice = new CCyUSBDevice(NULL, GUID_KNJN_FX2);




      CCyUSBConfig cfg =USBDevice->GetUSBConfig(0);


      CCyUSBInterface *ifc =cfg.Interfaces[1];


      CCyUSBEndPoint *BulkOutPipe0=ifc->EndPoints[1];//defined other endpoints similarly


      unsigned char buf='A';long len=1;


      now when I use XferData(&buf,len) with any bulkoutpipe, I get len=0. For read operation the buffer is returned empty with len=0; 


      1. I tried changing Bulkpipe->Timeout values but I get above immediately without any wait time.


      2. I tried modifying the HDL state machine. It will wait for any character and then send values. Above I tried to write and then read but it did not work. Even when I configure fpga to send data continuously, I dont get any value using Xferdata read. 


      3. I get usbdstatus success and ntstatus 0 during both reading and writing. 


      Am I missing something here? Do I need to set configuration of some other endpoint before using Xferdata()? If I get no error any idea what can be happening? I don't see anything wrong in the hdl code as well. I am hesitant to try begindataxfer() method.


      Please let me know anything that can be done to solve this issue. 





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           Sorry for bad formatting. There seems no way to edit now.

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            Can you share the schematics,FX2Lp project and VHDL code?







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              Thanks a lot for your reply.




              The board is xylo-EM   ->  http://www.knjn.com/docs/KNJN%20FX2%20FPGA%20boards.pdf




              I tried simplest possible code of blinking LED's on that board when there is a data on the USB buffer. Verilog code is attached. I found out that the FIFO_empty buffer signal is always logic zero as LEd's (v file) always blink.




              I also used USB sniffer softwares and found out that only device and control descriptors packets are transferred. I did not see any bulk data packet. I also tested this on other working boards, but got stuck the same way.




              C++ code




              void main()




              CCyUSBDevice *USBDevice = new CCyUSBDevice(NULL, GUID_KNJN_FX2);


              int devices = USBDevice->DeviceCount();


              USHORT vID, pID;int d = 0;


              do{USBDevice->Open(d);vID = USBDevice->VendorID;pID = USBDevice->ProductID;d++;} while(d < devices );


              CCyUSBConfig cfg =USBDevice->GetUSBConfig(0);


              CCyUSBInterface *ifc =cfg.Interfaces[1];


              CCyUSBEndPoint *BulkOutPipe0=ifc->EndPoints[1];


              CCyUSBEndPoint *BulkInPipe1=ifc->EndPoints[2];


              CCyUSBEndPoint *BulkOutPipe2=ifc->EndPoints[3];


              CCyUSBEndPoint *BulkOutPipe3=ifc->EndPoints[4];


              CCyUSBEndPoint *BulkInPipe4=ifc->EndPoints[5];


              CCyUSBEndPoint *BulkInPipe5=ifc->EndPoints[6];


              printf("Blindink the LED(s) for a few seconds... ");


              for(int i=0; i<100; i++)




              LONG len = 1;


              BulkOutPipe2->XferData((PUCHAR)&i, len); // send one byte (the value of i) to FIFO2






              delete USBDevice;


              printf("done - press a key to terminate");








              Let me know what do you think. Thanks a lot!

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                 I am facing the same problem. Did you happen to figure out a solution?


                Any help would be great.





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                  In the inf file, I commented the lines in [CYUSB.AddReg.Guid] section and line "CYUSB.GUID= " in [Strings] section to get rid of this very annoying problem.