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    PSOC Creator and third party probes

      Hi all,


      We develop some boards at Lynx ES and we advise our customers to use PSOC Creator and buy a miniprog3 even if they have some cortex-M compatible probes such as SEGGER J-Link.


      Does someone know the status of third party probes support by PSOC Creator or some tips&tricks ?







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          Hello PNN,


          Yes, you can use the J-Link (Segger) programmer available at link - https://www.segger.com/jlink-debug-probes.html to program the PSoC-4BLE devices.

          Please check the link - https://www.segger.com/jlink_supported_devices.html to get the list of devices supported by J-Link. It can program PSoC 4, PSoC 4BLE and PSoC 5LP devices.

          You can create project in Creator and finalize the hardware component and configuration. Then export the project to Eclipse/uVision to use J-Link programmer.
          Steps to export the project are available in the help section in Creator.


          Update the forum post if you have any further comments.




          - Naman Jain

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            Thanks Naman for this answer. I reformulate my question : does "PSOC Creator 3.1" support "natively" third party probes in the same way it supports MiniProg3.


            It is not practicall to develop/debug using two IDEs (at least it is not smooth). For my customers, this answer (eclipse+creator) is a joke ... Is there a plan to support at least GDB Server protocols directly with "PSOC Creator", it could be usefull for SEGGER probes. In the ideal world, "PSOC Creator" should support ETM with an integrated instruction trace view like KEIL µVision, but sure the ratio "customer traction / cost" will prevent it and GDB Server could be a good tradeoff.