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    Problem with self-built sensor

      Hello everyone,




      i am using the CapSense controller of PSoC.


      The touching element i built can be seen in the attached file....I coated a transparent conductive layer on the substrate and then separate the layer into eight stripe elements. In the end i made a nonconductive overlayer on top of conductiving eight elements.


      I programmed the PSoC, assigned the pins, then connected the pins with 8 elements using alligator clamps. When i touch certain element, the corresponding LED light should be on and the LCD also shows the touching position. But it does not work as i wanted, the Capsense controller seems not able to detect the capacitance change from the finger.


      I  measured the resistance of each strip element (130-200 Ohm), is it because of the high resistive load that the capacitance change cant be sensed?


      But when i remove the alligator clamps from the touching element and i touch certain clamp, the desired effects were shown.


      Anyone has idea why cant the finger touch be sensored on the touching elements?