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    Debugging PowerPSOC



      I have a Lightning Evaluation Kit (CY3267) and ICE-CUBE debugger (CY3215-DK). I am trying to use the online debugger but there are some connection problems. I have connected the debugger with the blue RJ-45 cable. Powered the debugger and evaluation board individually. In Project - Settings-Debugger I have selected the ICE debugger and External power source setting. When I try to connect (F9) I receive the following message:


      Attached pod (00bf0022) is not compatible with the selected PSoC


      The same message I receive if I try the "ICE may power pod" setting.


      I have no problems programming the device with the yellow cable (RJ45 - 5pins).


      If someone had used the debugger with Cy3267 or had encountered the same problem with other PSOC1 device I will appreciate some help.

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                  When you take the error-message literally the question is: for which PSoC device is your connected pod for?   
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                    ...ah, and usually you do not program the device when using an ICE, since the device is replaced by the pod you just have to upload the hex-file into the ICE.   
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              Not sure if this is applicable -








              Regards, Dana.

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                Thx for you answers     



                Bob, the CY3267 evaluation kit has a CY8CLED04DOCD device. I didn't try to program and debug in the same time, I just presented the two setups in order to show that the ICE-CUBE is somehow operational. The debugging kit has a couple of cables and connectors and not too much documentation. I have assumed that the yellow cable (RJ45 - 5pins) serves for programming and the blue one (RJ45 - RJ45) serves for debugging. It seems that I was right (at least with the programming part).      



                In my case the device is programmed to power up an LED. As the evaluation board is powered up individually, the LED is lighten. When I try to connect the debugger the LED is flashing 1 time and then stays OFF. Basically, after I received the error message, it seems that the device is not powered anymore.     





                Dana, thx for the link. I will try to contact Technical support to see if I am in the same situation or not.      


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                  The Pod of the ICE-Cube is connected to a special-debugging version of your CY8CLED04 and is made to REPLACE the chip on your board. This way the POD behaves to the board like your CY8CLED-chip but is able to communicate with the ICE (which the "normal" chip cannot do cause absence of communication pins).


                  So I do not see an easy way for you to debug your LED-evaluation board, except:


                  Using a PSoC1 evaluation Kit with a CY8C28466 chip (your ICE comes with a pod for that chip) to program and debug the parts not related to LED-driving (you may use some LEDs on the board to simulate)


                  Then clone the project to your target-chip and make the rest ready.





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                            ... BTW you may download the documentation for the ICE_Cube here http://www.cypress.com/?rID=3411   
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                      Incase someone else runs into this problem, there was a problem with a specific lot of these chips, which has this solution.