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    Debugging PowerPSOC




      I have a Lightning Evaluation Kit (CY3267) and ICE-CUBE debugger (CY3215-DK). I am trying to use the online debugger but there are some connection problems. I have connected the debugger with the blue RJ-45 cable. Powered the debugger and evaluation board individually. In Project - Settings-Debugger I have selected the ICE debugger and External power source setting. When I try to connect (F9) I receive the following message:


      Attached pod (00bf0022) is not compatible with the selected PSoC


      The same message I receive if I try the "ICE may power pod" setting.


      I have no problems programming the device with the yellow cable (RJ45 - 5pins).


      If someone had used the debugger with Cy3267 or had encountered the same problem with other PSOC1 device I will appreciate some help.