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    How to different the delta and bus interval counter in ITP packet?






      Good day. In Superspeed, there are two 3 info that we need to retrieve from the ITP packet. However i am not sure how to retrieve them from the 32 unsigned bit from ITP in Cypress.




      There are 3 info: 


      1) Bus interval counter


      2) Delta


      3) Bus Interval Adjustment Control




      I am using 


      apiRetStatus = CyU3PUsbGetDevProperty (CY_U3P_USB_PROP_ITPINFO, &ITP_value);


      to get the value from DevProperty. So now i got 32 bit ITP_value, but how can get each info separately?

      Besides that, how to check for Delay Flag(DF) in Link control Word of ITP packe??

      Really appreciate who can help. Thanks.




      Best Regards