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    2 problems: TX-En and Frame Errors

              TX-EN never goes up, Frame Errors in 9bit Mark/Space For some reason I never see the tx-en line go high to enable the tx on the 485 bus. I'm also seeing frame errors when I change from 8N1 to 9 mark/space. Any suggestions? { UART_1_LoadTxConfig(); // half duplex to transmit UART_1_SetTxAddressMode(UART_1_SET_MARK); // MARK and SPACE could be backwards. Datasheet conflicts itself. UART_1_PutChar((char) (nodeid)); UART_1_PutString(payload); UART_1_PutString("\n"); UART_1_PutString("\r"); UART_1_SetTxAddressMode(UART_1_SET_SPACE); do /* wait until transmission complete */ { tmpStat = UART_1_ReadTxStatus(); }while(~tmpStat & UART_1_TX_STS_COMPLETE); // Check the TX_STS_COMPLETE status bit UART_1_LoadRxConfig(); // half duplex to recieve tmpStat = UART_1_RXSTATUS_REG; // Clear the BREAK in the RX Buffer from TX to RX transistion } Thanks Richard