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    Seeking a Cypress FX3 based PCI-E X4 to USB 3.0 (FX3) Adapter Card and/or Reference Design

       Hello All,




      I'm in need of a Cypress FX3 based PCI-e X4 to USB 3.0 (FX3) adapter card/interface  and/or Gerber Files, if anyone of you knows if this is in existence please ?   What led me to this decision was, while doing some searches, I came across the following Cypress Forum post:


      FX3 device: low data rate through USB3 extension card






      The following are " PCI-e to USB 3.0 device EXAMPLES" , but I need one based ipon the Cypress FX3 Chipset




      Example # 1


      " PCI-E 1X - 16X USB 3.0 PCB Board " with Extension Cable






      Example # 2


      PCI-e Express 1X to 16x Riser Extender Card Adapter +


      SATA 15P Male to 4P Cable






      Does anyone know if Cypress offers a PCI-e X4 FX3 USB 3.0 Reference/Gerber Files, or knows of a entity making a PCI-e X4 to USB 3.0 FX3 Card/Adapter/Interface please ?


      I hope someone can assist/point me in the correct direction please.