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    Transmitting and receiving a single test byte over CYRF6936-40LFXC radio module using PSoC 4




      I am working on CYRF6936 transceiver module interfaced with PSoC 4 prototyping kit. I think it is one of SPI based "CYFI" radio modules housed on Artaflex AWP24S modules. 


      I am just 2 months old to PSoC world. I am trying to establish a basic one- way communication between two such modules with one module acting as a transmitter and the other as a receiver. 


      I recently raised a support ticket in MyCases in this same website asking for code to achieve the same. They instead provided me with Star Network Protocol (CYFISNP) code with HUB and NODE modules.




      I went through the documentation but I'm not able to understand the exact sequence of operation of the hub and nodes. Also I'm not able to establish the desired simplex communication using the same API functions that the SNP code uses, since the "core" of the code is dissolved inconspicuously within the complexity of the protocol itself. Basically the basic radio operation is severely coupled with the protocol operation making it difficult for beginners to test the working of the CYFI radio module. 




      There is a sample code in the CYFISPI datasheets but it is for M8C architecture. 




      Also the connector on the CYFI module is not compatible with standard connector buses, which requires us to use a connector "bridge" to connect to PSoC. The exact part number of the bridge is PDC-9370. Unfortunately there is no datasheet available for this connector and hence I'm not able to figure out the exact pins to connect to PSoC. 




      CYRF6936-40LFXC is obsolete and it is replaced by CYRF6936-40LTXC. The radio drivers availabe are for CYRF7936 and PRoC. I am not sure if they are compatible with my part number. If they are not then I'm not able to get the correct datasheet.


      Nevertheless I have managed to put a few lines of code and the "guessed" connections together but the transmitter is stuck in TX mode and receiver is stuck in RX mode. I am using character LCD for display and debug. 


      I have attached a few snaps of the setup and the code itself. I would be very grateful if someone can go through the code and help me get the radios talking to each other. 


      Thanks and regards,