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    Example Projects


       Hey folks,


      We are doing a lot of example project work here at Cypress. For those of you that missed my blog post on PSoC Today! and on the Creator Start page, here's a link to that post.




      The key takeaway is "Check out File->Example Project". It's the example project browser we put in Creator 3.0.  There are separate tabs for Documentation and Sample Code (and you can copy/paste from the Sample Code tab). 


      One of the things we are doing is making sure all the example projects have a consistent look and feel and have a minimum amount of information.  Concurrent to that effort, we are generating more example projects and would like to focus on areas where you would most like to see examples. We also want to improve how you find examples, e.g. we might classify projects by "degree of difficulty".


      So, have a look at the Example Project Browser and give us your comments about what you would like to see in terms of


      1. Specific examples (or categories of examples) you would like to see (or  would be most beneficial for new users).


      2. Improvements you'd like to see in how you find example projects. For example, I've gotten comments on the Example browser that the window should float (shouldn't have to create project), and that you'd like to see a Filter for "degree of difficulty" - some people want beginner projects, some want more complexity.


      You can leave feedback here or through Help->Contact Us in PSoC Creator.





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          Matt, there is still a faIr amount of trouble posts on forum on DMA.


          You might browse forum to see what has been and is being discussed,


          maybe a project witrh many workspaces doing simple examples.




          Two recent discussion have been DMAing USB thru filter to VDAC, and another


          having trouble passing 16 bit DMA to filter.




          Another are would be a discussion/project on methods to offset analog into


          CM range of PSOC. That seems to confuse folks.




          Lastly SPI and I2C interfacing to popular parts, like T sensors, GPS, etc..


          I think you do have adequate basic coverage, but people still getting hung


          up on serial stuff.




          One other, tunable digital filters, there is nothing on that yet.




          Regards, Dana.

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             Excellent, thanks much Dana.

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               danaaknight posted a great suggestion -- mostly because it was my problem. The solution was from userid PNN who provided a terrific configuration. Some version of the solution should be an example project.

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                 Hi Matt,


                Thank you for soliciting our input.


                Is there any way to search for bootloadable projects? If I put boot in the search terms it only finds bootloadble/bootloader projects.  That leaves me wondering if there are other projects that are incidentally bootloadable (but not described as such in the title.)


                As you probably guessed, I'm using the board with no name. ;) (PSoC 4 CY8CKIT-049 4xxx Prototyping Kits)


                (Sorry cannot seem to fix the font.)




                It would also be cool to be able to search projects based on their applicability (or adaptability) to to any given platform + common peripherals such as LCD and so on.







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                  Great question, Hank.  Let me check around to see if there are more bootload/bootloadabe projects. There is a working group at Cypress on code examples.  I know their first goal is to make sure it's easy to find all the examples and that all examples have the same minimum information.  Further, in Creator we want to make it easy for users to find examples that are applicable to the kit(s) they have.


                  In PSoC Creator 3.0 and greater, if you go to File->Example Project (btw, I think we'll be changing that name to "Code Examples"), the Keyword filter is kind of like a search for examples based on a specific peripheral.  Let me know if you have ideas on how to make that better (or if we just need a new filter(s)).  See the attached screenshot.






                  By the way, I just call that kit "The $4 kit".  I should probably be calling it "PSoC 4 Prototyping Kit".


                  Look for some Cypress kit announcements during Embedded World. There's one I'm excited about.

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                     Well, that wasn't the screencapture I really wanted to show.  See this one instead (attached).

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                      Matt one recurring example project that would be useful is a PID controller


                      application note. Cover Motor and a Temp controller example. This is


                      the basis of most control in all industrial systems.




                      Even tie in DFB as part of the solution.




                      Just a thought.




                      Regards, Dana.

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                        Please add as many examples as possible (in order preference) on features which separate PSoC from other uC:


                        1. DMA usage (DMA from anything to anything),


                        2. DFB assembler


                        3. Verilog


                        4. Datapath







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                          Another feature request: On the source code preview window, would it be possible to to include a search function? Some of the exam[ples are extensive and it's not always easy to determine if an example address what I'm looking for. Searchiobng for key terms or strings might help answer that without loading the project or copy/pasting the entire example source code to an editor windoww.





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                            Another example project, a wear leveled project to emulate


                            EEPROM in FLASH, PSOC 4 in specific. Base it on error


                            detection/correction to maximize FLASH use before going


                            on to the next FLASH region.




                            Regards, Dana.