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    Psoc creator 3.1 edit C file

      I install a new version og Psoc creator 3.1 and when try to view or modify the main code  of my project and when arrive near to the 1500 line of code , the code it is 5000 line , it is not possible view the code in corretct way because the last line it is too long and it is a single line.
      The problem it is present on any file that have a 1200.1500 line.
      Incredible but  the compilation work fine but it is impossible modify the file over the line 1500.
      The previus version 3,0 not have this problem.
      I try to install the the Psoc creator 3.1 on my portable computer e this problem not appair but on my portable computer it is not present other version of the Psoc Creator.
      I working from two years with Psoc creator and not have never one problem and i developped 6 board using the Psoc5 and the Psoc4 with glad.
      I think that this problem would to be caused because i have the all version , 2,2 to 3.1 installed on my computer.
      The OS it is Microsot Windows XP service pack 3 italian version.

      I attach the project for your analisis

      Thank for your help

      Giorgio T.

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