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    Programming graphil LCD

      Hi Everyone,


                            I am currently using 320*240 graphical Lcd with PSoc 5.I am having problem using the graphical lcd function.If I dont want to use this functions then how can I configure the pins of GLCD in PSoc programming?

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           I think we are going to need a bit more information before we can all help you out :-)


          First of all, which make/model of GLCD are you using?


          How do you have it hooked up?


          What problems are you having when trying to use the built in component?

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               I am using GLCD from evolute solutions(GM-G320240B-BTSES W-M-TP) for the home automation project using CYC5588AXI-060ES1.


            The problem is I have never used cypress LCD graphics controller and i dont know how to use the functions of the same.


            Is it necessary to use the functions of LCD_Intf from the .h file?


            Can I use my own functions?Please help me with the same

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               Assuming that you have wired up the controller in accordance with the data sheet, then  you should use the functions in the .h file.


              If you double click on your LCD component in the schematic editor you'll see a button 'datasheet' - read the datasheet which will give you a full description of every function you will need for working with the GLCD.




              If you wish to use your own functions, and not the auto generated ones, then don't add the graphic LCD component to your design, just add the appropriate amount of Digital Pins, and write your own routines to drive the pins appropriately.


              Some of the pins will be outputs, some will be inputs and some will be bi-directional.


              You call also use the 'Find Exampe Project...' link on the start page to load up a sample project which will give an example of how to use the component.


              I hope this helps. 

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                I also found no examples of use of the GLCD components.
                As an example I can offer you to look this project (128x64)):
                Interfase Modulo LCD Grafico para el PSoC5       


                I used this project to create my components GLSD 128x64:
                the library component with an example application:   LCD128X64.cylib    http://mylab.wmsite.ru/ftpgetfile.php?id=79
                the option of using DMA     DMA_for_GLCD_128x64.zip :   http://mylab.wmsite.ru/ftpgetfile.php?id=82


                I used it in my project:
                temperature data logger at the CY8CKIT-014 PSoC®5
                Unfortunately most of the comments are in Russian.
                Perhaps this will help you.
                good luck, Evgeny

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                  Hi Qutub,




                  I haven't interfaced GLCD. Looking at the datasheet of the GLCD (GM-G320240B-BTSES W-M-TP), what I understand is that you can use GraphicLCDIntf Component configured for 8-bit parallel mode.


                  This LCD is compatible with 8080 processor family. The default setting seems to be 6800. It can be changed to 8080 by minor tweak to the GLCD board. The GraphicLCDIntf component also implements 8080 interface.

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                    Hi pavloven,


                    I have downloaded your LCD128X64.cylib, changed pins according to my hardware but no matter how I try, LCD doesn't shows anything. After that I have debug code, it seems that program stuck in LCD128x64_TimerWait function, so I have dug in and found that timer in one shot mode does not seems to contains the zero value,


                    So I have made changes in your library, I have attached my code. Now There is picture, scrolling text and images shown on GLCD.


                    Please see to this and comment if I have mistaken somewhere.

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                      Unfortunately LCD128x64.cylib is missing in the project ))))
                      Perhaps this is due to the transition to psoc_creator.3.0
                      I still use creator.2.2 for older chips (no LP)
                      I will be happy to correct the project with your help for psoc_creator.3.0

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                        Sorry my bad. Unfortunately I just gone to Menu : Build>Clean and Project>Archive Workspace / Project, and generated zip file from that and posted. Now just cleaned from build menu and made zip from windows explorer.

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                          I also needed to change Chip Select logic to display correctly



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                            Afaik there is a setting in "Create Workspace Bundle" that will inclue your libraries into the .zip. I didn't try yet but should work.





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                              Indeed, Timer_LCD does not work, but for timer_v_2.50 (PSoC Creator 2.2) function Timer_LCD_ReadCounter () returns 0, so the project works.
                                If I use the PSoC Creator 3.0 - function Timer_LCD_ReadCounter () does not return 0, so the function TimerWait () lasts forever.
                              I remembered that there were other projects with this problem. But I did not understand the reasons - I used CyDelay (xxx) instead of the function TimerWait ().
                              Thanks for the help! I will add your project to my collection.

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                                Hi Bob,


                                Thanks for the suggestion. I have gone to File>Create Workspace Bundle and selected Bundle option, which also included my component in zip file.




                                I am digging over your driver, will post later updates here, which will help others.

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                                  Hi Pavloven,


                                  I have tested your GLCD driver (without DMA) for a week now and it seems running smooth. Latest changes is in my last post.


                                  Now I am testing your GLCD with DMA, So far:


                                  1. I have downloaded from your link


                                  2. Changed pin assignments


                                  3. Added a RW pin as it required in my HW.


                                  4. Changed the component clock input to use a 24MHz bus clock.


                                  5. Working fine. "A dog is running on LCD"


                                  6. Now I inserted a while(1); after first pic "Dog_1" displayed in for loop of main.c


                                  But now it could not print the "Dog_1", which it suppose to print. Herewith including my project. Can you help me to find where is the problem?

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                                    You wrote a semicolon after your while(1) which is an infinite loop. Program stops here.





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