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    voltage measurement


       Can anyone tell me what the problem I have with CY8CKIT-050 to measure the voltage of a resistance of 10 k to 100 uA idac is not true and then varies the channels are 5 v without having connected to the resistor. How do I can find the true voltage?

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           this image as seen in the hypeterminal

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            IDAC8 is a source current source, so it provides a constant current


            sourced out of Vdda. In order for the current source to stay in the


            constant current region it has to have a min voltage drop across it,


            called compliance range. The compliance is 1V so for a 5V supply


            the IDAC8 will operate over 0V to 4V, above 4V it will drop out of


            regulation. So for 100 uA max R you can measure accurately is


            4V / 1E-4 Amps = 40K.




            The accuracy of IDAC8 is +/- 2.5%.




            An analog mux, when its inputs are left floating, unconnected, will


            exhibit anything from Vssa to Vdda depending on leakage.




            In your code adcReading = ADC_SAR_0_GetResult16(); the API


            returns a signed result, you need to change adcReading to int16,


            not uint16 as it is now.




            AMux_0_Start() disconnects all channels, you have to use the AMux_0_Select() or


            AMux_0_Connect() API to connect a channel to the SAR ADC.








            Regards, Dana

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              When you change the mux you should allow for a little settling time


              for the analog signal to reach final value. You may have intrinsically


              enough delay in your code / measurement loop, otherwise add some


              delay. The delay cannot be easily computed, its impacted by IDAC8


              settling time, mux Rdson, SAR input C and any stray C. The IDAC8


              settles in ~ 125 nS, for a full scale step, see conditions in spec sheet.




              Regards, Dana.

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                     and I made all the steps you told me, but still measuring 5 volts. Use a multimeter to see if it was that the IDAC is not working, but if measured the 1 volt I wanted.    
                     So if I see is that when I change the voltage reference. Send approached the reference values.    
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                  When I use Google Translate to translate spanish to english


                  I get unreadable result. Any chance you can post in english ?




                  /* Any value above 0x07 is an illegal input for mux channel selection */
                  #define ERROR_MASK              (0x7Cu)


                  You are using the mux as differential, so the range of allowed channels


                  is 0 - 3.




                  When you connect mux to resistor you are connecting + input to junction of


                  IDAC and resistor, and - input to resistor ground ?




                  Right after you start mux you should issue a channel 0 select.




                  In the pinout view you do not have Vref external connected to a pin, should


                  be P0_4, and you apply a 5 V reference to it.




                  Regards, Dana.

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                     yes, I   connect mux to resistor you are connecting + input to junction of


                    IDAC and resistor, and - input to resistor ground and define ERROR_MASK    (0x7Cu).

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                      Another matter, when you use an external reference, your measurement


                      accuracy is determined by it. When you select input range with Vdd depend-


                      ence, the measurement is ratiometric to Vdd. That means your R measurement


                      will not be absolute accurate. Is that what you want ?




                      You are using differential measurement, but do you really need that in light of


                      IDAC8 accuracy only +/- 2%. You would stay with diff if you had high common


                      mode environment or poor grounds between Rx and PSOC or if distance was


                      large between Rx and PSOC, otherwise just use single ended.




                      I may be wrong but I would think you want internal reference,  0.0 ± 1.024V (Differential)
                      Input ± Vref
                            If you do this then P0_4 would not be used. Also you would have to scale


                      IDAC to accomidate the A/D only measures 0 - 1.024 V.





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                         I place  1.024V of internal reference  and it send  that value as a measure

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                          IDAC8 100 uA thru a 10K resistor = 1 volt, so yes thats what you would measure.




                          Regards, Dana.

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                             I place  5v of internal reference  and it send  that value as a measure 5v

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                              I set up A/D a little different -




                              1) Set to continuous conversion.




                              2) Issued a










                              outside for() loop. Removed StartConvert() inside start loop.




                              3) Set for Vref = 1.024, 0.0 ± 1.024V (Differential) Input ± Vref




                              4) Tried a 4.7K Rx and a 10K Rx and got 470 mV and 1000 mV, correct readings




                              5) Tried a Rx >> 10K (means > 1V) and readings turned negative as they were outside


                              measurement range.




                              6) You select the channel with this line of code                 AMux_0_Select(rdValue);


                              I monitored rdValue, and it was 209. That of course is wrong, rdValue can only range


                              from 0 to 3 because there are only 4 mux channels, so you have to fix that.




                              Regards, Dana.

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                                 it is AMUX that  affects me, because without it; I have  measured result very good

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                                  You make the following calculation -




                                          rdValue = rdBuffer[0] - ASCII_DECIMAL_ZERO;




                                  then issue a




                                  to select the mux channel. The mux channel only numbers 0 - 3,


                                  for 4 differential channels. But if you place a breakpoint on the






                                  line you will see the rdValue is wacko, something > 200 ?




                                  If rdBuffer[0] ever contains anything other than "0", "1", "2", "3" then you


                                  will have a bad value that you will be using trying to select the mux


                                  channel. Also when you do the calculation you have a mix of signed and


                                  unsigned variables, then you operate on them as if they were signed.


                                  Either change their definitions or cast them when you do the calculation.




                                          rdValue = rdBuffer[0] - ASCII_DECIMAL_ZERO;




                                  Regards, Dana.

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                                     I   use a 1k resistor with current 100uA without AMUX . Measured exactly 100mV; but when I add the AMUX not give  result.

                                         if put  single a channel with   AMUX_Select function (0) and never give the correct result and adding more also channels.   
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