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    emWin license frozen

              Hi! Just got the reply from support that the emWin license has been frozen at 5.02 :-( Unfortunately, this is bad news as it looks like emWin is not part of Cypress' future PSoC plans which is very sad. Discontinuing emWin updates also means that future display controllers will not be supported by Cypress and no bug fixes will be released. GUIBuilder will not be included. Actually, emWin was one of the reasons why we considered using PSoC for our products. Many other manufacturers are now including free Segger licenses for their products (NXP, ST, EnergyMicro, Renesas). Renesas is even licensing the full Segger range including embOS, emUSB, emFile, etc. I really hope that Cypress will reconsider this decision. Regards, Anguel   
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          Update: If you are also using emWin and are interested in being able to use the latest emWin GUI library, please contact Cypress support and let them know. If enough customers ask for that feature they told me that they may be able to convince Cypress decision makers to acquire a license for the latest emWin GUI from Segger.

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            Hi Anguel,


            I'm starting a new project with PSoC3 / 5 and I have to use a graphic LCD display.


            Obviously I started studying the possibity to use the emWin Segger library.


            But, during my search, I read your post.


            At this point (2015), for a new product, do you think I have to leave this road?

            Can you give me some advice as to other simply solution to connect to graphic LCD to PSoC's?


            Thank you very much






            PS: In the next minutes I'll open a case to Cypress to hear their answers regarding emwin Segger library support.

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              Anguel may not be looking at a 6 month old post anymore.




              CASE is your best bet.




              I would ask that for forum benefit you post the reply you get back.




              Regards, Dana.

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                I am still here :) In the meantime I tested emWin with the PSoC 5 and it turned out that this was pretty slow for my application, so I gave up completely on this.


                Best regards,



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                  Just checked with Cypress and, no, the have no plans on updating past whatever version this is.  Dead product.

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                    Segger will not provide any support for emWin with the Cypress license.  I mean NONE, until you plop down the ~$5,600 USD for a new license.


                    They refuse to even tell me if the problems I'm having will be solved by updated firmware!  - And there is no way I am going to pay thousands of dollars and still have the same problems (slow, buggy performance).


                    They refuse to answer ANY questions, even though I repeatedly offered to pay them for support.


                    Segger Microcontroller has a severe attitude problem that will prevent me from considering using any of their products ever again.