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    Problem With two CY8CKIT-050


      Hi to all!


      I have two CY8CKIT-50 kits. One es rev.C and the other is a Rev.E. The problem is that I build the SAME project on both of them but in the rev.C works but not on the rev.E!!


      I checked and doubled or triple checked the componentes on the protoboard,looking for connection problems and/or misplaced components but everthing is OK.


      Can it be because of the different versions?? I guess not but that's the only difference I see!




      Thank you all for any help or advise.




      Regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina



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          What are the markings on the boards of the processors ?




          I gather you can program the boards but once programmed application


          does not run as expected ?




          Regards, Dana.

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            Hello Danaknight!




            \Thank you for the reply.


            I was wrong on the revisions, The one that works fine is REV.** and the one that does not work is Rev. *A.


            The processors are the same in both kits, CY8C5868AXI-LP035.


            It's the SAME program but only works on Rev.** and NOT on the Rev.*A kit, I triple checked the connection of the 4 resistors but nothing, it's a simple weight scale that it has for now since it's a part of a larger program.




            Thank you very much for your help and time







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              I have got a development kit which has a port-pin blown, which was my fault. Something similar could have happened to one of your kits (exept not beeing me to be responsible) So I think you should use the debugger to check where the point is your project does not run as required.





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                Hi Bob, some time!


                I really have 3 kits, 2 of them are with me and the other I lent to a colleague that's working with me on the project. NOW the thing is that I called him yesterday and told me that design does not work on the kit that he is working! And when I asked him what REV. is the kit he told me that it is a CY8CKIT-050 REV.*A!!! It's the SAME of one of the two I'm working with!
                It even does tha same problem and that is when creator 3.0 or creator 3.1 finishes programming the kit it shows 14.40 Kgrs. and if you but weight or not on the load cell, the display is frozen. But if I measure the output of the opamp that then goes into one of psoc inputs I do have variations when applying pressure on the load cell.


                That only happens with the 2 kits REV.*A I have, not with the other CY8CKIT-050.


                To be sure I have the 001 kit (the one that brings psoc1,psoc3 and psoc 5lp) and downloaded the design there too and ir works AOK, just like en the 050 kit (the that works).


                On both notebooks creator is updated, so much for the creator 3.0 as the creator 3.1. We even have the same brand and model of notebook!




                I will verify what you say Bob, even though it's hard to think that the 2 kits will have the same and exact problem.


                Thank you very much Bob


                Waiting to here from MyCase too, nothing 'till now


                any other suggestions???



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                  Hi again!


                  By the way....can someone explain me what are the differences between CY8CKIT-050 Rev.'s?? I mean what's the difference between Rev.A and Rev.E for example.



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                    Bob. I have 4 with blown pins too. Im thinking about replacing the processors.

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                      Microcej, consider filing a CASE and posting back to the forum what you find -








                      To create a technical or issue case at Cypress -








                      “Technical Support”


                      “Create a Case”




                      You have to be registered on Cypress web site first.




                      Regards, Dana.

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                        Hi Dana! Greetings!


                        I did that, I open a MyCase BEFORE posting in this forum and ask here because I had no anwser, I also send to support, this forum was my last chance to get some kind of reply.


                        We also bought 6 kits, 60 psoc 5lp chips throu Tradefin, a local company.


                        Thank you