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    PSoC 4 Emulated EEPROM




      I am having some issues with the emulated EEPROM. I have set it up as a set location in flash memory 0x1a00 using the linker and MYSECTION params. However, everytime I reprogramm the device it clears all the flash memory. How can I ensure it does not do this when I am reprogramming it?


      I can attach a project if that would help. I am using the PSoC4 prototyping kit.





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          This should help -










          Regards, Dana.

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             Thanks Dana, that did help. (I am having issues with the miniprog hence the delayed response, it sometimes just doesn't want to program anything).




            So now I have control over the memory I am trying to figure out how I can calculate where the code would reside in the PSoC flash. I have a defined location in the memory for the emEEPROM (0x1a00), but I am not sure how to erase/program the flash blocks up to that address.


            Additionally, the application note said to change the customer linker file to tell the design to leave that area alone, but as I have a defined memory location (on the command line link function) I should not need to do that correct?