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    DSI Routing Interface

      Dear developer community,
      In my recent project I investigate the performance of the PSocs. And now I have some questions to the DSI Routung Interface. Are there any performance data for the DSI for exampel the maximum frequency? And which delays are caused from the DSI? Does PSoC Creator calculate this delays?

      Thank you for your effort
      Raphael Löffler

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          If you look at the results tab, workspace explorer, after a build,


          there is a file projectname_timing.html that will show you


          some timing info.




          Regards, Dana.

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            Thank you a lot for your answer. But I did not found there the spiecial delay from the DSI. And are there any performance data?

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              This might be useful (see the STA section) -








              Regards, Dana.

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                This is a simple example (remember to click on lines to expand detail) -






                Static Timing Analysis

                Project :Design93
                Build Time :02/24/15 08:29:57
                Device :CY8C4245AXI-483
                Temperature :-40C - 85C
                VDDA :3.30
                VDDD :3.30
                Voltage :3.3
                     Expand All |     Collapse All |     Show All Paths |     Hide All Paths   
                      - Timing Violation Section     
                      No Timing Violations     
                      - Clock Summary Section     
                ClockDomainNominal FrequencyRequired FrequencyMaximum FrequencyViolation
                CyHFCLKCyHFCLK24.000 MHz24.000 MHzN/A 
                CyILOCyILO32.000 kHz32.000 kHzN/A 
                CyIMOCyIMO24.000 MHz24.000 MHzN/A 
                CyLFCLKCyLFCLK32.000 kHz32.000 kHzN/A 
                CyRouted1CyRouted124.000 MHz24.000 MHzN/A 
                CySYSCLKCySYSCLK24.000 MHz24.000 MHzN/A 
                      - Clock To Output Section     
                        - CyHFCLK       
                SourceDestinationDelay (ns)
                TypeLocationFanoutInstance/NetSourceDestDelay (ns)
                Route 1cydff_1cydff_1/qPin_1(0)/pin_input5.683
                Route 1Pin_1(0)_PADPin_1(0)/pad_outPin_1(0)_PAD0.000
                Clock    Clock path delay0.000