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    "cheap" timer IRQ on PSoC4?

       On my PSoC5LP designs I often create a periodic interrupt for basic system timekeeping and timing. I do this by taking a Clock component and connecting it directly to an Interrupt component. On PSoC4 this doesn't appear to be possible. CyDsFit errors out with


      Interrupt "SysTickIRQ" is driven with a logic low and the interrupt will never be asserted, the component will be removed.


      This occurs no matter what interrupt "type" I select, although on PSoC5LP I leave it at the usual "derived" type. I'm using Clock component v2.20 and Interrupt component v1.70, which are the latest as far as I can tell. I'm also using PSoC Creator v3.0SP2.




      I know that I can get around this by instantiating a Timer component and configuring it similarly but it's wasteful of the already limited resources on the PSoC4.