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    Back from "embedded world" fair


      I am now back home from a visit to Cypress at the embedded world in Nuremberg hving talked to many of the Cypress engineers and having seen the new devices Cypress is going to release.


      In my opinion the most remarkable news is a PSoC5 Prototyping Kit that, differently to the PSoC4 version, allows for debugging!!!


      Second in list, not in value, is a re-designed Pioneer Kit which has got an external F-Ram on-board that is interfaced like an eeprom, but is quite more reliable and nearly immune against power losses during write-accesses, see a video here. I was able to see at the Cypress booth that there is no fake with the F-Ram, so no additional pre-cautions are needed to bypass the power-loss problem when an eeprom-write is started.


      Cypress announced some larger PSoC4 BLE chips for the next quater


      And lastly: I had a (very) small glimpse ar a Creator 3.2 Beta on one of the PCs, so stay tuned for the new announcements when all of those "secrets" get official.




      Happy coding