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       you can connect the LPF2 the psoc 1 to oscilocope?

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          Yes you can input a signal to LPF and output it to a scope.





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             And connect refMUx?

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              Yes, like this for example -





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                 who clock speed it is put to LPF2? for example if the cutoff frequency was 100 Hz

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                  Right click the component, use the wizard to design the


                  optimal filter for your application.




                  When you pick the corner frequency and the oversampling clock the column


                  clock is reported lower left in wizard.




                  Regards, Dana.





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                     oscilloscope without floating reference, could not it ??

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                      Not sure what you are asking.




                      If you need to do a floating differential measurement with a oscilloscope


                      use 2 channels, one channel inverted, mode to add, and you can look


                      at a voltage that is not ground referenced. There are voltage limitations


                      and common mode issues to consider and frequency response, look


                      in scope manual for that information.








                      Regards, Dana.

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                         I   measure one sinusoidal signal with PGA and RefMux of reference by  putting the oscilloscope probe on pins the PGA  and the RefMux as reference ,  never measured  the signal 

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                          Post your project and I will take a look at it.








                          “File”                                                           Designer


                          “Archive Project”




                          Some questions -




                          1) What is signal amplitude, frequency, and DC offset you are feeding into


                          PSOC ?




                          2) What pins are you trying to do the oscilloscope measurements on ?






                          Regards, Dana.

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                            Can someone tell me how was the hardware connection for LPF2 to oscilloscope looks like?


                            What pins should I connect from the board to oscilloscope?



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                              Since you are relatively free in using the internal connections of a PSoC1 we cannot tell you which physical pin you have to connect some signal or device to. Start at the begin of this thread as a help and design your LPF2, use your own connections and configure the pins as you require.


                              When you get stuck, create an archive (Designer->File->Archive Project) and attach the resulting file to your post.