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    psco5 bootload siliconID mismatch

      I'm trying to make a usb bootloadable project for my psoc5.


      I can program with the miniprog just fine.


      I built the bootloader project, added it to my bootloadable project.


      When I actually attempt to load, via the USB, new code (using the bootloader host in psocCreator/tools) I get this:


      03:05:30 PM - Selected device: USB Human Interface Device (04B4_B71D)
      03:05:33 PM - Programming Started
      03:05:33 PM - The attached device is not compatible with the one specified.  The Silicon ID/Silicon Revision reported by the device do not match the value expected based on the contents of the *.cyacd file.
      Programming completed in 32ms.


      Any idea? I don't know how the siliconID/Revision are arrived at in the bootloader code and how they could be different in my bootloadable binary download file (the cyacd file).