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    Fx2 vs Win8 x64

              Hi, got an FX2 application that works perfectly with CyUSB on XP and windows 7 (x86 & x64). Trying to get it working on windows 8 x64. But having a hard time! Ive updated my project to use CyUSB3 suite v1.2.2 - but it fails on the Bulk In transfer (error 997). EP0 transfers are fine, it just fails on Bulk In. Its the same application code as before - Im stuck. any suggestions?   
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                  As a test, I took my complete application and ran it on a win7 x64 machine - it worked no problem. Only thing that had changed is the CyUSB3.sys driver. I tried the win7 x64 driver on win8 - that didn't work either. Seems the CyUSB3.sys has issues on win8.1 - or is it my machine? Im convinced the FX2 side of things is working just fine.