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    USB control center utility

       Good morning all,


      I want to download the USB control center utility software which is given in application note of AN61345(pg-10). Please go through the below attached document.


      So, can you please send me the link where i will get this software?




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          Control centre comes with Cy3684 DVK.After installing Cy3684 you can get the cotrol centre in the path "C:\Cypress\USB\CY3684_EZ-USB_FX2LP_DVK\1.1\Windows Applications\Application Source files\c_sharp\controlcenter







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            Good afternoon al,


            We programming an cypress chip by using usb control center utility software. We dumping one slave.hex file to it. We downloaded the sample code from the cypress website which is given in AN61345 application note. Same slave.hex file program am trying to download to cypress board.


            After downloading the .hex file the device should disconnect and reconnect by itself in usb control center(program fx2->RAM->slave.hex) as given in application note. But in usb control center it not showing any device at all. Please go through the below attached link which indicates status of the usb control center after downloaded slave.hex file.


            Why the device not detected after dumped slave.hex file to usb control center?

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               go to device manager and see if there is any device as UNKNOWDN device or related to cypress with yellow color warning mark side to it.




              Manually bind the drivers to the cypress drivers and then it enumerate.




              if the device is not binded with cypress drviers (other than HID.mass storage) it won't appear in control centre.







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                Good morning


                Please go through the attached document, in that we mentioned procedure followed during loading .hex file to cypress board.


                Please let me know the procedure what we have to follow after my slave.hex file was loaded to cypress board?