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    Using cy7c65211 with I2C Bridge


      Hi all,


      Is there any way to use the CY7C65211 with the Capsense tuner application?


      It would be really useful to connect the CY8CKIT-049 directly to tuner application using the onboard I2C to USB bridge.


      I find it strange that the Cypress I2C Bridge software can't be used with the Cypress I2C to USB bridge chip...


      Thank you,

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           Hello ,


          I do agree with you .  We have already requested the PSoC Programmer team to add the Support for CY7C65211 (I2C to USB ) in Bridge control panel.


          We are currently working on this .



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            Wow, this is great news.


            Thank you,

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              Be aware that the pins for I2C Master SCL_OUT and SDA go to pin 21 and 22 of the chip, marked in the silk screen as SCB_2 and SCB_3 (pin 4 & pin 5 on J6  in the break off part of the CY8CKIT-049 of the prototype board).


              So you will have to wire them and add the required pull up resistors and program the PSoC4 as an I2C slave.


              There is no much documentation and sample code for the cy7c65211, the USB-Serial API documentation covers a lot but other than that, there is only one single example to access an I2C eeprom.


              That said, it's really good news that there are plans to add support for the USB-Serial bridge chips like the cy7c65211.

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                I do a lot of i2c based sensor pcbs for PSoC's ,Raspberry Pi's and soonish the BBC Microbit.


                For testing the sensors, I use the Miniprog3 in  i2c mode.


                I am doing SPI sensors now and Miniprog3 does not do it.


                It would be nice to use the CY7C65211 snap off dongles on the PSoC boards for UART, I2C and PSI with the Bridge control Software.


                The charting function is great for testing.


                Any timeframe for the new Bridge software that can use the USB to serial chips?