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          my name is midrel and I am a new people in this community.


          I have a problem.


          When I download the example firmware of Slavefifo2bits to generate an image then to program my FX3, I have some erros in eclipse such as :


          #include "cyu3system.h"
          #include "cyu3os.h"
          #include "cyu3dma.h"
          #include "cyu3error.h"
          #include "cyu3usb.h"
          #include "cyu3uart.h"
          #include "cyfxslfifosync.h"
          #include "cyu3gpif.h"
          #include "cyu3pib.h"
          #include "pib_regs.h"
          #include "cyu3gpio.h"


          are not included in my project.


          is it correct to have this error when i want to build it ? otherwise how can I fix it ?


          thanks you