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    FX3 Crystal Compatibility

              Hi. My Problem is that my FX3 board wont be displayed in the Control Center. On the Pins 1 and 3 of my Crystal (ABM8 19.2) are no typical Clock signals visible (there is nearly no Signal, yust a very Little offset). Because of that Ive removed the Crystal and used a function Generator instead. With this method the Board can be seen in the control Center and i can Transfer data as well. My question is, if my Crystal could be incompatible or if there could be any other typical flaw in my board which could cause this Problem. Here is the Datasheet of my Crystal. Ive used two 15pF capacitors as C1 and C2. http://www.mouser.com/ds/2/3/abm8-16794.pdf Ive used an incorrect Footprint in my PCB Design, so I dont have the Crystal connected to the Board Pins directly. They are connected to the Board via 15mm Long wires instead. Thanks for your helb.