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    Miniprog3 Alternative

              I need to acquire a few Miniprog3 programmers for PSoC3, but I don't want to spend $89 per device. Is there a cheaper alternative to programming a custom PSoC3 PCB? The boards already have a 10pin programming connector for the miniprog3.   
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                  Hi jram   
          You may use SWD program/debugger instead of JTAG-programmer.   
          Some interesting Link   
          Serial Wire Debug (SWD) using USB I/O pins in PSoC 3/5   
          PSoC Programming/Debugging via SWD at USB pins   
          Production Programming Vendors:   
          AN73054 - PSoC® 3 and PSoC 5LP Programming Using an External Microcontroller (HSSP)   
          This can make it yourself.   
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            If what you need is to program several boards, you might want to take a look at the productions programmers linked by PSOC73


            On the other hand if you need several PSOC3 programmers to do in field programming you have 3 options:


            1) Use a bootloader, it could be UART / SD card based / I2C , etc. You will need to initially burn the bootloader at production time with a miniprog3 or production programmer.


            2) Develop a HSSP. it means include on your board another mcu to act as the programmer using any interface you like. the disadvatage is that you will need to modify your board.


            3) Use a FX2LP based programmer. This is what we use at our university, we made a few boards with a FX2 chip + alitle EEPROM and voltaje level translator for like 15bucks. and use that to program our boards thought the 10-pin debug connectors (you could also use the EZ-USB FX2LP boards sold on ebay for $12)

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                      Hi zeta-san   
              When chose case(3), use FX2LP board.   
              How to get the program for the board? and Where you get the original hex code?   
              Is there proper program code in Cypress site?   
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                 The firmware ( .hex file ) can be found inside PSOC Programmer folder, I dont have it istalled on this computer right now so I can't tell the exact path but let me know if you can't find it and I'll reply later

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                          I don't want to include any extra hardware on my pcb. Thus, i need an external programmer that will connect to the 10-pin header. I don't need production programmers. I simply need a few programmers to keep at different locations or take with me. Here's a EZ-USB FX2LP board from ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/CY7C68013A-56-FX2LP-EZ-USB-2-0-Developement-Board-Module-EEPROM-Logic-Analyzer-/310683913821?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4856344e5d Is that what I'm looking for?   
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                            Ok. After digging some more I was able to find this post on creating a programmer. http://dangerousprototypes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=3105   
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                              Hi zeta-san   
                      I see, It is Service directory DVKProg_fw.hex   
                      I've been forgotten it.   
                      Thank you.   
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                        Yeah that's the file. it is inside the "service" folder

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                          Yeah that's a post I made 2 years ago, just keep in mind the limitations of that design like it being only 3.3v IO with no input protection.


                          Using the ebay board you posted, identify the pins used for SWD ( PD0, PD1, PB2) and connect them to your board but if you need them on different locations I think it will be more convenient to design your board.


                          if you are building your own board based on the DP post, I would sugest to modify the files to add better power management and voltaje translation and using a 10pin header to directly connect it to the 10pin connector on your board or a 10pin flat cable that makes handling much easier. Please post back any improvements you make.

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                             Hi Zeta,


                            i ordered such board from ebay last month and tried to program my PSoC4 (the PSOC5LP on my pioneer kit seems to be broken with kitprog, it just flashes fast.. But HSSP programming works).


                            I have installed the generic cypress driver for the board and can load the different firmwares with the cyconsole, then the "fx2lp" board is registered as programmer on the Cypress programmer software (just like described in the dangerousprototypes article you wrote).


                            But when i try to flash any PSoC4 i just get a yellow busy, nothing happens. I have also tried it with a single PSoC4 on a DIP adapter.


                            Connected pins:


                            PD0 - connected to SWDIO of PSoC4


                            PD1 - connected to SWDCLK of PSoC4


                            PB2 - connected to XRES of PSoC4


                            I have even tried to connect GND and VCC but that doesn't change a thing.


                            Do you have an idea what's wrong here? Which OS do you use for flashing?







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                                      Hi teruna   
                              This is out of point, I think anyway.   
                              Have you try both programming mode. Power cycle, Reset mode?   
                              Of course, when reset mode, add external Vdd and no Vdd for power cycle mode.   
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                                        I have not tried it with a PSOC4, I have a few psoc4 chips and a pioneer kit here but haven't had the time to play much with them. I'll take a look at it over the weekend.   
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                                          I see some potencial problems, For starters GND pin MUST be connected, both boards need the same ground level.   
                                  Second VCC must be the same 3.3 I would try first powering the board with the 3.3v from the programmer.   
                                  Please tell me what was the file name of the Hex file you uploaded to the fx2lp dev kit?   
                                  What is the name of the programmer in windows device manager?   
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                                            Hm, i think this form post will again doesn't have a line break and i don't know why... Zeta, some Information about the test: OS: Windows 8 Pro, Build 9200, 64bit (Testmode without driver-signing booted) Driver: Cypress USB Generic Driver (, 17.06.2011, Cypress) CyConsole USB: 3.4.7 Firmware file: FTK_5_simfw.hex (as mentioned at the dp article) Cypress PSoC Programmer: 3.18.1 FX2LP found as: FirstTouch5/303534303034 PSoC Programmer says: Powered, Connected When trying to flash i get just the "busy" in yellow on the top right. Then after a while i get: "Fail", "Not Powered" with the error message: FAILED! PSoC device is not acquired! Check connection of the chip to the programmer Please check the following items: ...   
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