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    Plotting BLE data




      I have created a project where I send a variable DC value to my pioneer kit and through the BLE I notify the client, when the value is changed. 


      To view the notification I use the CySmart 1.0 tool, but here i can only view the "newest" value. Is there a way or another tool I can use to plot my data?  

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          Yes, you could use Stampplot Pro by sending data over UART


          to PC.










          Regards, Dana.

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             Do you mean the UART on the pioneer kit? Correct me if I'm wrong, but then it is not through the BLE connection? 

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              You are correct, the Pioneer side is the host, and the dongle the central.


              So you would need an IOS or Android ap to function as the central BLE


              device. That ap in turn could uart the data to Stampplot Pro, but that seems


              soemwhat redundant.




              There is a channel mode in L2CAP for send/receive data in Cysmart, can


              this be "relayed" out on the central side via Cysmart, I am not sure. I will check


              on this.




              Regards, Dana.

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                I got this so far back from tech support -








                Thank you for contacting Cypress Technical Support.




                1)The central side would have to be IOS or Android aapp?


                Ans: Yes. The app will generally behave as the central.




                2) Does it make sense that a L2CAP channel should be created to transfer data ?


                Ans: From Getting Started with PSoC® 4 BLE : http://www.cypress.com/?docID=51385


                "L2CAP provides protocol multiplexing, segmentation, and reassembly services to upper-layer protocols. Segmentation breaks the packet received from the upper layer into smaller packets which the link layer can transmit, while reassembly combines the smaller packets received from the link layer into a meaningful packet. "


                    From this it is clear that L2CAP should be created.




                3)  Can Cysmart be used in a scripting mode to transfer out data to a PC com channel ? Like a UART channel ? If it can there are several plotting tools that can be used.


                Ans: Are you asking for BLE-UART bridge, kindly confirm this.




                4) Any other GUI tool available to receive and plot data.


                Ans: Currently CySmart can receive data, for plotting the data experts will get back to you with necessary information.

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                   Hi Dana


                  Thanks for your feed back, look forward hear what the data expert figure out about point no. 4.

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                    You could try to use the UART-USB bridge on the BLE dongle which is using port1[4] and port1[5] as UART Rx and Tx of the PSoC4 BLE chip. Leaving the capabilities of acting as a CySmart dongle behind, you may program the dongle to accept the transmitted data via BLE and send them via UART to your PC to an emulated com-port. This data (when ASCII) can be made visible using PuTTY or a similar program.





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                      Here is a BLE UART fromn tech support. Their comments -








                      I have attached the project for a UART BLE Bridge in which our BLE acts as Server with Peripheral GAP Role.




                      You can test the functionality of this project using our -042 BLE Kit and the Dongle. If you type any character on the UART Console (Hyperterminal, Teraterm etc.), you can see the corresponding data under Custom Service in CySmart (Please make sure that you Discover All Attributes first). Similarly we can enter any value in "Custom Service" (Write without response) and you can see the character getting printed on the UART. Please also check the screenshot attached. ( If I enter 'a' in the console, I can see "61" (hex of 'a') in CySmart and if I enter "65" in CySmart and send a "Write Without Response", I can see 'e' (character for 0x65) in the console).




                      Let us know if this project is helpful. If required, we can also provide you a full BLE-UART bridge project in which you perform UART transfers between two -042 BLE Kits over BLE.




                      Thanks and Regards






                      Note screenshot in pdf file is corrupted, I have asked for another copy.




                      Regards, Dana.

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                        There is anothert post which has BLE-UART project. See last post in











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                          I see I am coming late to this party, but the original posters question is exactly what I was hoping to find.


                          I think it would really round off a superb set of tools if CySmart had a scripting facility which allowed you to write a set of Bluetooth operations  and logged the responses. If I take an example of a BLE server doing temperature sensing. CySmart under windows would be great if I could write a script to read the sensor via the BLE Dongle acting as a client every 1 second and log the response (or log responses from notifications). In that way, it's almost a hybrid between CySmart and the Bridge Control Panel. Alternatively, if the Bridge Control Panel could work with the BLE Dongle, that would solve the problem.


                          I will work with a second BLE Pioneer kit and the Bridge Control Panel to achieve what I want, but it would be nice to only require one kit to do this.


                          Congratulations on a super slick set of tools. They are a pleasure to work with.