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    BCM43362 can be used as gateway device??



      We are going to use Murata's (SN820X or Type YD-Certified) module in our home-automation device.


      We are service based company and we provide end to end solution to our client for their product. We have targeted to use this module in our up-coming project which is based on home-automation usecase. Our purpose is to provide high WiFi availability in complete home through single Wi-Fi router, for this we have decided to go with multi-role WiFi module.


      BCM43362 is provide both AP and STA mode, SN820X has feature to work BCM43362 in muti-role, which can be useful for us to provide access point to other home appliance which is not in direct range of main WiFi router, so we can connect that home appliance through near most home appliance (which is in contact with WiFi router).


      We also has asked query in murata about same, they told us that WICED SDK will provide this feature. We just want to confirm this from you, so we can start our POC (proof of concept) with Murata's (SN820X or Type YD) EVM.


      Please provide your valuable feedback, your feedback will be the most decision making feedback for us.


      For your kind of information, I would like to add that, our client is expecting to start production of this concept at end of this year, probably 1M unit will be manufactured in first phase.


      WE are waiting for your reply.




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          This would require the module to have a scaled down router stack. This in theory is possible, but difficult to try and implement on an embedded module. As of now, we don't have plans to support the 43362 module acting as a repeater for the existing home network. These repeater devices do exist in the market which allow users to extend their home network. 

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            Hello Greggang,


            Thanks for valuable information.


            Can we have any other solution for this, without using any external reapeter module?


            We are also thinking to use 802.15.4 wireless technology. Is there any module from broadcom which provides mesh topology in 802.15.4 for internal communication  and wifi for IoT?


            So we can access our device through wifi by any mobile application.





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              We don't have anything like that for WiFi, but it is a good recommendation. 

              In general it's best to have all devices connected to one router.  (Firewall, DHCP, NAT, STP, etc)