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    Design sync with PCB tools? (Eagle)


       Hi folks,


      So I am attempting to roll my first design using a PSOC chip to replace an old dsPIC chip.


      The PSOC appears to be a good option for my application (academic, size constrained robotics) because rather than doing a bunch of complicated dense board routing, I can merely route to maximally convenient IO pins, then do the output assignment in the Creator project.


      My question is: is there any tool to keep this all in sync? I'm using Eagle PCB, of course. So there's a correspondance that needs to be kept between the MCU part description, the wiring in the schematic, and then the actual board layout traces. Eagle does a fair job of the latter part of that.


      But as for interaction between the Creator schemantic and the actual board schematic, there's a disconnect. I've just been doing the process manually, so far. And it looks like the cydwr file is a binary file, so I can't write a utility that auto-regens the Eagle part as part of the build process.


      Does anyone know of any solutions to this? Hopefully something built into PSOC Creator that I have just overlooked? That would be great :)


      Or, failing that, a plaintext location that reports the chip setup equivalent to the pin config in the cydwr file?

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          I'm afraid the file structure is not layd open for all users, but you will have a good chance when you ask Cypress directly.


          At top of this page Support & Community -> Technical Support -> Create a MyCase and leave the relevant information there. A Cypress engineer will get in contact with you.





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            Just a remark from my side:


            Usually this is done just the other way round: You keep the pins fixed after the first successful routing in Eagle and when necessary, change the internal connections, so that a pcb re-route is not needed. This will work pretty well for PSoC5 and 3, only the PSoC4 has some limited routing capabilities where this way may lead into some troubles.





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                There is one caveat here, if you are doing Analog.


                You need to be very careful when routing the Analog signals to the PSoC 5 pins.  If you route them through the crossbar matrix, and not directly to their "natural" outputs, you will get dramatic cutoff frequency drop.




                 Based on my tests, Opamps do very poorly with signals as low as 20khz when routed through the crossbar.




                 In PSoC Creator, there is an analog tab at the bottom of the CYDWR sheet that will inform you of the analog components being used, and where they are routed.  Very useful. 

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                "Currently, PSoC Creator doesn't support to export pin information to some external file.
                However, I have filed internal enhancement report to add this feature in future version of PSoC Creator."




                @wsm, what you say about the analog thing might be relevant to me, since I am trying to use a 5-way analog mux into an SAR, currently on P2. This note indicates that I should switch that to P0, P3, or P4: http://www.cypress.com/?docID=49602


                This is where the described tool would be useful! Rotate the chip in the design 90 degrees and then auto-regen all the new outputs, going in either direction, Eagle <--> Creator.