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    Unable to program device, Port Acquire does not work

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          Sorry for the blank main post, your text entry box doesn't work in Google Chrome for some reason. I had to switch to Firefox to make this post:

          We are using a PSoC 5 CY8C5868AXI chip on a custom board which we can program and use without issue (we've got about 8 prototypes) but on two of them where an additional board was connected during programming something went wrong and the chips can no longer program through the miniProg3.

          When I connect it and attempt to program, the miniProg sees the chip, but gives a warning on programming:


          "Unable to read memory, Debug enable is not set. Click Port Acquire to reset the chip and enable debugging."
          After unplugging and replugging in the device, now Port Acquire just shows me
          "Cortex-M3" with the informational warning "The device is in use by another client" and the note on the right that says "This device was recognized, but PSoC Creator does not support using it at this time."

          Any idea what might be going on? Did I manage to wipe some of the PSoC bootloader that makes this all work or something?


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            Welcome in the forum!


            Unplugging the miniprog3 sometimes leaves it in an acquired state so that a second try to access it fails. Sometimes only a re-boot of the pc helps. The program part that resides within the PSoC5 (hopefully the LP version) is in a ROM area and cannot be destroyed, but the PSoC chip can. What is your additional board you plugged onto your PSoC pcb?





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              Hi Bob.


              Thanks for the welcome, and for the fast reply!


              I should have mentioned, I can still program the other boards without issue with the miniProg3. Before and after it failed as mentioned above with one board it successfully programmed different boards. This is what leads me to think it's not a miniProg3 issue.


              The other board is another custom board with some Ultrasonic Transducers and controller chips which connects via a 20-pin connector. I usually program without them connected, but another technician programmed with it attached which lead to this issue. It seemed to cause 2 boars to become unprogrammable but I've since had one plug in and connect properly once.


              Good to know I shouldn't have been able to wipe the needed firmware, I'll try a reboot and see if that helps.





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                Hi Sean,


                sometimes the problem is only the little cable used for programming.


                I had a lot of problem (a lot of time waste) with old cables used often.


                Substituting the little cables, all has gone in the right way.