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      • 30. Re: PSoC Creator 3 and Debug Problems

        Sorry Bob, didn't see your reply.


        What happens (randomly, it seems) is:

        • The miniprog3 connects to the device correctly but when I halt the execution it always stops into a power management function (sorry, I didn't write down the function name). Power management (that is sleep/hibernate) as you can find in cyPm.c is not used in the project. In fact if you let the firmware run, disconnect miniprog3 and restart psoc creator the next time it will show the real position in the program.
        • Creator reports an "unexpected disconnection" once you try to enter a debug session

        As I said, readdressing the miniprog3 (dis/connect from USB controller) and restarting creator has always solved the issues so far.


        Anyone knows if there's a creator log somewhere? Can be useful to understand what's going on.



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          Anyone knows if there's a creator log somewhere? Yes, when you start Creator there is the location of the log file shown in the output window.


          It (the power management function) is not used in the project. This I doubt (not assuming you clobbered the stack). Set a breakpoint at entry to the pm function and analyze the call stack. Keep in mind that debugging and deep sleep or other power saving do not go together!


          If you like, post your complete project, so that we all can have a look at all of your settings. To do so, use
          Creator->File->Create Workspace Bundle (minimal)
          and attach the resulting file.





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            Yes, saw that log but it's only what you get in the Output window. As far as I can see it's nothing that can be used to understand what's going wrong inside creator (i.e. what system call failed and why).


            The PM functions are not directly used in the code. Cypress startup code CyIMO_Start and CyXTAL_Start call in turn CyPmFtwSetInterval and CyPmReadStatus, but CyIMO_Start and CyXTAL_Start are not called anywhere and in fact optimized away by the linker (lx51).


            And no, I don't have the authorization to publicly post the project, sorry. But it's really nothing magic and there are no special tweaks anywhere.

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