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        Welcome to the fascinating world of PSoCs!


        Are you using a Prototype Kit CY8C40-41xx connected via USB to your PC? Then there is no debugging possible.


        When you are using a Pioneer Kit (you should choose that with the PSoC CY8C4245, not 41) debugging works via USB.


        When you have got a MiniProg3 you can debug all PSoC 3, 4 and 5-es.





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          I'm using CY8CKIT-042-BLE (with PSoC CY8C4247) and I didn't find a way to make the debuger working. I follow instruction of document related to this evaluation kit but the program never breaks if I put break point on main function. On "memory 1" tab I can see "Unavailable, no debug session active" written in grey. 


          I have made an update of the firmware of the KitProg Version from 2.10 to  2.11 but nothing change.


          The PSoC creator  3.1 is installed on a Win7 64 bits computer.


          Thanks in advance to help me !







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            Welcome in the forum, Damien!


            Ok, so step-by-step.


            Connect your BLE-Kit via USB to your PC (Wait for any installation messages close)


            Start Creator


            Load an example project for your kit. When there are more than one projects in the workspace, activate the PSoC4 BLE one


            click on the bug-symbol in the menu-line to start debugging. When a debug-target dialog pops up make sure that your device and the presented device match.


            System should now create the project, program the device and starts debugging by stopping at the first executable line. if it does not stop there something with your clock definitions are wrong.


            If all fails, consider uploading your complete project. To do so, use
            Creator->File->Create Workspace Bundle (minimal)
            and attach the resulting file.


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              Thank Bob for your answer.


              In fact I was using an exemple "PSoC_4_BLE_CapSense_Slider_LED" and the problem come from Debug function disabled to consume less energy. 


              Answer: Project.cydwr -> System -> Debug Select -> SWD 





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                Fine to hear that you got it working!





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                   It seems like this post is resolved. Nevertheless, I will add a comment from my experience. If you have a peripheral device changing stuff in the background (e.g., a multiplexer or filter in real time), the debugger has no chance of keeping you apprised of all that.  By the time you step to the next line of code the situation in real time has changed.


                  Don't expect too much of the debugger.

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                    The debugger works like any usual other debugger:Setting Breakpoints, inspecting and setting variables and controlling the call stack. The problem you are facing is: PSoCs are not like any usual other embedded. Within a PSoC is independent hardware running (the components) and they of course are out of reach of the access of a debugger.


                    So what you have to keep in mind is that a atopped CPU does not imply a stopped hardware.





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                      I think its kind of the same with other, simpler MCUs - even they have some independent periphearls (think timers and counters). They also change state when the software has stopped.


                      The big difference with PSoC is, since its configurable hardware (both digital and analog) is so much more powerful , many projects end up with a considerable amount of logic in the hardware. And that something the current debugger cannot support that well.


                      In most cases I route some interesting internal signals to GPIOs, where I either can attach a scope, logic analyzer or just some LEDs to signal current state). One can get quite far with such simple measures...

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                        I'm going to make Data logging system through PSOC 4BLE, I want to debug 4 programs in PSOC but when i debug 1program it will work but other is not working. How can i debug 4 program in my PSOC 4BLE .

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                          I'm using PSOC4 BLE, I want to know that how can we debug multiple programs in our PSOC board, When i feed 1 program in it & want to program again then last program will not work, SO how can i debug it with multiple programs. How can we add a log file in PSOC creator .

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                            Thread being handled here -








                            Regards, Dana.

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                              Sorry for the easy question but I'm a newbie to PSoC3. I just want to know where we can see the program flow time in cypress?

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                                Welcome in the forum.


                                There is no "program flow time" this seems to be a job for a profiler, but when you halt program execution you can see a "Call Stack" that not only shows where you halted, but additionally how you got there.






                                PS: Not a good idea to hijack a one year old answered thread. Next time better create a new one.

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                                  Yes, old thread, but still a good reference point.


                                  Happens to me from time to time, totally unrelated to optimizations and build/rebuild. The only "solution" I've found is to restart PSOC Creator and Miniprog3. Rebooting the OS should not be of any use, unless the Miniprog3 USB "driver" is hung.


                                  PSOC 3.3CP3 + PSOC5LP + custom hardware + Miniprog3 + SWD.

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                                    "Happens to me from time to time,"  Sorry, Giuseppe, but what happens to you from time to time?