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    Capsense Outputs




      Is it possible to access the output from a capsense module in hardware? I.E if you want to connect the outputs from the capsense module and connect that in hardware to a LUT.


      I am looking forward to your response.







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          Why do you want to do that?


          Capsense outputs are analog, so they cannot drive the digital inputs of a LUT.

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             Hi Hli.


            I think my first message was not clear enough.


            I want to use the capsense to detect the buttons but when 2 buttons is is pressed at the same timeI want to change state. So the input to the LUT must only go high when the button is positively pressed.





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              No, thats no possible out of the box. You would need to build your own Capsense component.


              The Capsense component is build from multiple building block (UDB Timers, PRS, IDACs).


              You can enable the hidden components in Creator, so you have them available. Then import the CapSense component in your project so you can have a look at them ('Component' tab in the project pane, right-click, Import Component, 'Capsense*' from 'CyComponentLibrary').


              The problem here is that the output configuration of the GPIOCapsense component would need to change with the configuration (since the number of buttons and their type can change rather freely)

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                At end of scanning a sensor in CapSense there is an interrupt stub called where you may place any code. To generate a hardware signal you can use a control register component. The LUT could be saved and replaced by program logic if you want.





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                   Hi Bob.


                  Thank you for your help. I will try that.