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    Using SDK 1.0.1 on Mac-OSX?

      Since I use x732 on my design, it forces me to use SDK 1.0.1.

      However, I'd still like to use the native MAC Eclipse rather than having to use windows under virtual box. ( my development is done on Mac exclusively).


      Thank you

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          I would suggest you upgrade to 1.1.0 because it has some critical fixes (mainly, it enables sleep modes whereas 1.0.1 does not - so you will see higher currents with an app built using 1.0.1 than with 1.1.0).


          You may be able to use 1.x SDK on Mac, but you may have to make changes to the innards of the SDK yourself. You may find the appendix in quick-start guide that comes with SDK 2.0.1 that describes integrating just the SDK with Eclipse (on Linux) useful to some extent (especially for creating and setting up the workspace).