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    Easy EEPROM

       A simpler version of the EEPROM component.  This component makes using the EEPROM much easier.  Start the EEPROM, then use the byte write or byte read API.



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          I am trying to get this component to work on a PSOC 4, it seems CySpc.h is not found on Psoc 4? is it possible to make some changes to make it work?

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            I have the same problem. Can we get some help here please seeing that the built-in eeprom component does not work either.

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              Ok this is a typical situation where the newbies get caught and left in the dark. I will answer the our own question.


              It would seem that we did not understand that the component was written for the PSoc5 devices only as it is not mentioned anywhere. Furthermore, we were under the incorrect impression that this component will replace the non functional built-in emulated eeprom component. It does not.


              So the bottom line here is that this component will not work with the PSoc4 devices and there is no CySpc.h for PSoc as it is part of a PSoc5 component or service.


              Maybe the helpful folks that create stuff should think of the newbies and give a bit more information when they place their work online.:)

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                As you may see, the original post started in the year 2012 where nobody thought of a PSoC4 yet. Yes, and some more info: Chris Keese has already left Cypress.


                I have red that the emEEPROM is under design for some of the PSoC4 family members and that it might turn out to be difficult to implement that component for BLE. I still can see the emEEPROM on my component list for the "simple" PSoC4 4200 chips.





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                  I did open a support case and after a lot off effort I am of the opinion that the component does not work as intended and it seems to be very difficult to get to the bottom of the problem. It also seems to be a very complex piece of code which makes it even more difficult to debug.


                  I found another option. Under the examples in PSoc creator there is a flash example. It allows you to write a row at a time. Not optimal but good enough to work with for occasional configuration data storage.

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                    There is another option. Please do not let me be misunderstood, I do not want to convince you to spend some more money, but there is a CY8CKIT-044 Pioneer-M  which has got some extras on the board: An accelerometer, a light sensor, a temperature sensor and a 1Mbit FRam chip directly accessible via I2C. Besides the PSoC4 comes with more flash, more SRam and with DMA. The board is not only worth its money, it is a bargain! With that equipment you may store configuration data or even logged data in the FRam.




                    Just a thought



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                              It is sad to hear that Chris Keese left Cypress. I shall miss his energy and enthusiasm. There are other signs that makes me thinking about stagnation of PSoC line: does Cypress plan on upgrading PSoC5 or we have to enjoy it for the next 5 years?   
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                        Have a look at the PSoC Roadmap to get a feeling for what Cypress plans.


                        I met some of the new Cypress staff at Portland, and I can assure you that they are enthusiastic, competent people.


                        Regarding the emEEProm component: There have been some issues with that component in the past (and afaik a new one) which haven't been easy to be solved. Since that component delivers the underlying code for Chris's Easy solution, it might be the issues were inherited.





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                          Sorry I took long to answer. Did not see your post until now.


                          I have a Pioneer-M kit but the product that I am busy with is a very low cost and and I have to use the lowest component count.


                          P.S. I also have two different PSoc5 Kits. I love this stuff and I have four concurrent projects in development :)