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    Unable to find a solution for the analog routing.

      Hmm, ok I'm adding 3 analog channels into an SAR ADC - the 1st one using P0[2] input worked fine.


      Added another batter monitor using a pin P0[4] and got the analog routing error, so change to P0[2[ and all is well.


      Now I'm adding a 3rd and nothing seems to make it happy - by trial and error. Even going by the PSoC 4 Pioneer kit guide and using P2[0],P2[1] and P2[2] for SARADC inputs fails.  Certainly we can use more than 2 analog inputs?


      I have P0[0] used for a digital UART (9600Baud) in but that can be moved.


      Any guidance for analog routing methodology?


      Minimal bundle attached.


      Thanks!  I'm having a lot of fun with this ;)