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    Accelerometer with PSOC

      Hi everybody ,


      I have this project  to do for my university , it's a bee rub  detecteur . i  placed my accelerometer in my Psoc card , i choose the ADCs as a bus for the signal , and i'm asking how  can i program this  to get the information from the  axes (x y z ) accelerometer .


      Thank you dor your help

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          Welcome in the forum!


          Can you tell us a bit more about your hardware? Which development kit are you using, there are some for PSoC3.


          Can you provide a link to the accellerometer's datasheet you use?





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            Sounds like you are using an accelerometer that return the G values as analog voltages. So you should look at the examples (there is one called "DelSig_16Channel" that looks like what you need). Then read the data sheet for the DelSig ADC and the analog muxes. That should give a starting point for your project.

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              Here is a project you could adapt for the board you are using -








              Note the accelerometer interface might be different for what you


              are using. For example, if its I2C use PSOC Creator "find example


              project" link on start page of Creator and use that as basis to


              adapt. Same would be true for UART or SPI.....




              Regards, Dana.