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    Low Voltage Detect API


       I have a PSCO 4200 project that spends most time in Deep Sleep.


      An interrupt on pin wakes the device and it runs a small bit of code and goes back to sleep.


      I need to knwo if the battery is getting low but hoping not to need external resistors and use either ADC or Comparator.


      The program needs to simply get a flag that indicates whether battery is above or below 2.95V but not reset the device.


      Looking at the technical reference, I found the Low Voltage Detect API. It looks as though I could use CyVdDigitEnable(0,4) and this would set low limit at 1.7V + 4 x 0.25V (2.95V). 


      If I leave the "Reset" parameter set to "0" as above, will this mean I get a flag I can read but not physically reset the device?


      Would there be a small snippet of Code showing how to use the API?