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    Need LCD display advice

      Hi everyone, I am using 27443. My task is to output DAC value with timer, read ADC value at the same time, compare them to get the max value and display the max value on the LCD. I attached my prj below. 


      After that, the user will be asked whether to save it to E2PROM. If the answer is yes then I will jump to the next function. 


      The problem is, the LCD displayed everything (ADC value, the question) at the same time while I want it to happen in sequence, which means when all the process of DAC output and ADC comparison to get the max value finish, the question whether to save would pop up. 


      The same problem happens when I want to surf the saved struct in the E2PROM. 


      To be clear, I want the LCD to display things in sequence. Do you guys have any ideas on how to do that? I have stucked there for days...


      Thanks in advance!