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    how to extend the LONG Len parameter in BeginDataXfer




      I have encountered a problem,




      LONG record_size = 1024x512x2048


      UCHAR * img_buffer_record1 = (UCHAR *)calloc(record_size, 1)


      pContext=pBulkEpIn->BeginDataXfer(img_buffer_record, record_size, &oRdOvLap);




      If the record_size = 1024x512x2048 , the BeginDataXfer will crash and my PC will show the blue screen, I have to reboot it....


      However, if record_size = 1024x512x2048, it works well.




      Is there any possible to enlarge the len and the buf of "PUCHAR BeginDataXfer(PUCHAR buf, LONG len, OVERLAPPED *ov);"???


      My computer is Windows 7 64bit, 8GB memory